Project 1

Keyframe animation

This was one of my first projects I made when I first started taking web development seriously. I had been working through freecodecamp's course on CSS animation and I decided to go away and test out what I had learnt.

Looking back, I can definitely see how I could have made this a lot quicker. However, I decided to include this on my website to demonstrate how far I have come since making this animation.

Project 2 GitHub

The office quote generator

Towards the end of 2022, I started learning Vue.js 3, as well as Bootstrap 5. One of my first personal projects I made was a 'The Office' random quote generator.

Project 3

Python text based game (work in progress)

Project 4

Oscar ballot generator

Find below a free 2024 Oscar ballot generator. This tool will produce a shareable prediction ballot that you can use to share you Oscar predictions with others! Make sure to use the hashtag #MyOscarBallot so I can see your predictions!